Croatia Vacation "If you like to have winter fun go to jahorina!" They have the best Food or Discover, Explore, Share...  Find hotels ,villa's, family houses, rooms Apartments in Croatia, Accomodation in Croatia and a lot of fun and tips before you go!

We have already found the lost treasure of the Mediterranean! Have you?

Take a brief moment of your time to follow me, and I will lead you through a world of adventure, warm Mediterranean climate, with hospitable culture, rich history and amazing location for your facebook advertising agency. You will be surprised by the magic of nature’s beauty and the warmth of friendly faces. Follow me into a world that will seem a fantasy, yet is very real!
Yes, it exists. And not very far from your own home either. Take these words in and embark on a journey, after which you will surely have enriched your life with this experience. Now, we will explore a place of which you have always dreamt, but never believed existed. Are you ready?

As you will be strolling down the coastline of this warmhearted and hospitable country and as the sounds of the Adriatic Sea with waves will be caressing your body and soul, a soft breeze from the open sea will in turn keep bringing you a pleasurable mix of scents from palms, the sea, and the Mediterranean kitchen.

While watching the magic sunsets and the fishermen at dawn, who sail out to work, while singing in tune; you will know that you have made the right choice.

As you probably might have guessed, we are talking about a beautiful holiday in Croatia here, the hidden treasure of the Mediterranean, which you now have the chance to discover for yourself by seeking the God-given pleasures this country is offering you. Your holiday in Croatia!

Have a look in some comments, posted by our visitors, about their vacation in Croatia

What would you advise other people who are interested into going on Croatia Vacation?:
Definately go, you will not be in the least bit disappointed. Travel is easy and the value for money is probably outside Bulgaria, the best in Europe. There again I am biased because I love the country and given the chance would seriously consider retiring there.   Alex Cruickshanks

My husband and I went to Croatia last summer. It was an amazing vacation that I would recommend to everyone Erika v.d. Boer

We really enjoyed the Paklenica National Park. We spent the day hiking and just loved the high peaks and vertical canyons. Truly a spectacular place to vacation Marco Smith

Wonderful vacation spot. Beautify scenery, great food and hospitable people. I can’t wait to go there again Marina Jovanicic

Allow me to invite you to the Croatian cities

Allow me to invite you to Split, a city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. A city with a core that has been around for hundreds of years, filled with small streets and alleys, where at every corner you will be surprised by the variety this city is offering.

Come to Pula, an old Roman city, and visit the Coliseum, second to only the one in Rome herself. Travel through history in such a small place, in such a short time.

Visit Dubrovnik, the old capital of the Mletacka republic, which at that time, together with Venice, used to be one of the biggest trading cities. Go back into history for a few hundreds of years and feel the life of the primeval silk traders, as you sip a cup of coffee sitting in an old city bar at the Cathedral Square, situated in a castle; while all that time you are listening to the sweet sounds of Dubrovnik’s best serenades.

Visit Zadar, Rijeka, and all other Croatia cities in which you can figuratively find the whole world.

Enough of old cities and history?
Maybe you feel more for adventures, beautiful nature, and national parks?

No need to worry, Croatia has something for everyone. Year of 2005, National Geographic has pronounced Croatia as a Natural Beauty Nr.1 in the world. Why?
Visit Croatia and convince yourself of its nature’s beauty!
Get into exciting deep-sea diving adventures, embark on daily sailing trips across the Adriatic Sea, and visit one of the countless islands that will offer you the possibility of many different adventures and sports activities. Visit Brac, an island that draws more and more tourists from all over the world every year. Situated on Brac, well known elite summer holiday spot named “Bol na Bracu”, which is famous for it's magic nature, such as the beach that changes it's appearance several times a day

But perhaps you simply want to spend your holiday in peace and quiet with your loved ones?

Croatia has a solution even for that. The Adriatic coastline is filled with apartments that have a view of the open sea and the untouched nature, in which you are certain to find the peace you have been awaiting this whole year.
There are also plenty of exclusive villas and hotels in Croatia, with very professional and friendly employees, which will be at your service the whole time of your stay.

Now you probably think that all those beauties in one place cannot be cheap?

You are mistaken! In contrast to other European and Mediterranean holiday destinations, this beautiful country is the cheapest holiday option you can find!

Sign up for FREE account and contact directly with house owners , because the chance is high that there will be no place tomorrow; after all, Croatia is the number 1 holiday destination in Europe.

We are already waiting for you

We are already waiting for you, will be happy to see you. Because we are sure that in this country, you will receive only wonderful impressions and that you will recommend it to others, just like I am doing it right now, fill with enthusiasm because I became a part of a new beauty." Croatia Vacation for you!